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We offer concrete services to three commercial markets

First, we offer services for standard building construction.  Banks, car dealerships, elder care, churches, office buildings and strip stores are all in this group.  For these projects we often provide footings, walls, floors and exterior work. Our focus for commercial building construction centers on exceeding the required specification and meeting your schedule. We use all available construction technology to maximize our production rate while maintaining exceptional quality and safety. Examples of this technology would be using a robotic total station for layout of building corners and setting anchor bolts and using large form gangs to speed wall production.

Second, we offer STONE PATTERNED architectural concrete walls for sound and sight barriers. These walls are both decorative and structural in nature.  They can be used anywhere that a plain concrete retaining wall can be used.   Many  patterns and colors are available although some patterns cost more to produce than others.  Many of our customers have used these walls to delineate the outline of their project or to create added impact at the entrances. These walls are structurally designed specifically for each site. We can offer input on the design and pricing without finished drawings, but a professional design is usually needed for large jobs.  Contact C. Rittler at for design information.  We alter our contruction methods to suit the size of the project.  On larger projects, we average 300 LF per week of completed wall at average height of twelve feet.   

Third, we serve various markets requiring precise construction layout and tight tolerances. Concrete columns for supporting athletic seating for high schools and universities and concrete elements used for supporting crushing and conveying equipment for mining are two examples.
R & W Concrete Construction, Inc.
R & W Concrete Construction, Inc.
R & W Concrete Construction, Inc.
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